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Project Closet

This was the first weekend in a while where we had no weddings, showers, graduations, or any other miscellaneous obligations to attend.  Next weekend the festivities start up again, but I’m glad that in the interim I was able to tackle a project that had been nagging me for weeks; organize my closet and pack some clothes up that won’t be worn for the next couple months.  It’s pretty amazing the pieces you re-discover (like this dress) that have gone unnoticed, tucked away in the back of the closet.  It felt good to get organized, while also serving as a reminder as to why I’d been putting it off so long.  Needless to say I made more of a mess before I made any real progress, taking absolutely every item out, trying some on, and then finally putting things away.  Please tell me I’m not the only one who “organizes” this way.

{Silence + Noise dress via Urban Outfitters (similar); misc. slip; Ray Ban sunglasses; vintage belt (similar) and necklaces}

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