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A Weekend Away

This week went by in a bit of a blur.  Between the long holiday weekend followed by two days of frantically trying to catch up on work/emails, and today we’re heading out of town to see two of our dear friends tie the knot, oh and the rain, because that always throws a monkey wrench into things, it feels like there’s barely been time to breathe.  And I have to admit, even though we’ve known about this wedding for months, I still have no clue what I’m going to wear.  Instead of going into a full panic mode I’ve decided to just accept defeat and overpack, loading up my weekend bag with plenty of pairs of colorful, cute shoes, fun accessories, and a few outfit options and I’ll figure it out when we’re there.  This weekend is all about celebrating the happy couple and making memories so no matter what I wear I know I’ll be having fun in it.

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