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Festival Fun

Before we went on our camping/music-filled adventure, we stopped by our favorite salon for fresh trims before 5 days we knew were sure to include very little time spent in front of a mirror.  I have to admit, I was pretty thankful for Darren’s decision to curl my locks and even add some hair perfume so I at least had a few days of styled hair before I absolutely had to figure out a way to really wash it.

The Firefly Festival was such a great time.  I had a little trouble getting around with my knee, but everyone we met was incredibly nice and helpful, even driving us to where we needed to go; it rained more than we’d have hoped, but when some of the shows were canceled, we were lucky enough to be camped out next to neighbors who we could hang out with and laugh till we were crying; and the shower situation was virtually nonexistent, but when everyone is in the same boat as you, it feels perfectly acceptable to throw your hair in a braided crown and spray some dry shampoo.  And the music we saw was more amazing than we could’ve hoped I’m still in awe over Paul McCartney’s performance.  It was our first music festival experience, and it could have been soured by any number of things, but it was the kind of trip that leaves you excited for the next one.

{c/o Kohl’s S.o. R.a.d. Collection by Awesomeness TV romper and Apt. 9 booties; c/o L’eggs knee high socks; vintage backpack; c/o Sunglass Warehouse sunglasses}


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