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Festival Style

I’d planned out my festival outfits pretty thoroughly before we left last week.  I had cute flowy dresses packed and breezy shorts perfect for hot days filled with music, not to mention plenty of shoes to match whatever outfit or weather scenario we might face.  And with all that planning I was intending to take lots of pictures and hopefully share a few here.  What I didn’t plan for was the mud, the lack of showers, and the fact that my right foot swelled so badly it wouldn’t even fit in any shoes (I’m looking at you, rain boots and sneakers) except this pair of sandals.  So, this is the only outfit that was properly documented, but at least it encompassed my festival vibe pretty perfectly.

Shop some of the other outfits I wore to Firefly, yesterday’s romper included, under “Shop A Similar Look”.

{ Kohl’s Mudd v-neck tee, shorts, necklaces, and rings, Betula Licensed by Birkenstock sandals, Freshman kimono; sunglasses}

festivalstyle_1 festivalstyle_2 festivalstyle_3

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