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New Finds

Fashion blogger or not, stuck sitting inside long enough will eventually lead to online shopping.  I’ve been pretty good about resisting my purchases to things that were actually needed, things for the home, for work, even ordering our groceries online.  Of course, I have done plenty of “window shopping,” and in my online perusing I’ve come across some new-to-me sites I hadn’t shopped before.  I decided to try out one with a lot of boho styles that were budget friendly and fit the summer vibe I’m looking for.  I’ll be honest, not everything worked as well on me as I’d hoped — that red, off the shoulder top, in particular, is a lot of fabric, but overall I was pleasantly surprised with the pieces.  I did order on the larger side since I had no idea how the fit was going to be going into it so there are going to be some exchanges, but hey, when ordering online that’s always to be expected.  I’m always looking for new shops to try so if you’ve got any good recommendations, please share them with me on Facebook or Twitter.

{ pieces from left to right: dress, dress, top, dress, dress, dress}


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