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Flat Out


Sometimes all an outfit really needs is a little bit of monochrome and a little bit of texture to be complete.  And yes, if you’re wondering, those are flatforms that I pulled from the back of my closet*.

*A year or so ago I was running around New York City in a pair of shoes I had no business doing that much walking in, and instead of buying a cheap pair of flip-flops, tennis sneakers, or better yet, catching a cab, I ran into H&M and grabbed these flatforms.  I don’t know what drew me to them then, and I’m still not really sure what attracts me to them now — maybe it’s some sentimental association to all of my beloved Spice Girl-era shoes.  Whatever it is, they may not be my most attractive shoe, but that doesn’t mean I won’t still wear them from time to time.

flatout_2 flatout_3 flatout_4{H&M top and shoes (similar from Asos); J. Crew skirt; Ray Ban sunglasses}


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