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Kid Friendly

Yesterday I spent the day with two of my favorite pint-sized people, and as much fun as we have, I must admit they tucker me out.  In preparation for a day of crafts and hide-and-go-seek, I layered up, grabbed some bold lipstick and threw on a pair of feet-friendly wedge booties.  After all, these tiny tots refer to me as “Fashion Sarah” so anything less wouldn’t possibly suffice.  I give a lot of credit to all of you moms out there; your job isn’t easy and you certainly have my utmost respect.

{Mac & Jac sweater via Nordstrom Rack; H&M olive green dress and shiny leggings; Bass wedge booties; Michael Kors watch; Lia Sophia bracelet; Tumbleweeds Oddities sunglasses via Etsy; misc. earrings and ring}

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