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Summer Casual

There are a lot of reasons why I love summer a little bit more than any other season.  The extended hours of sunlight, the fact that I’d rather be hot than cold any day, all the excuses it gives to be outside, enjoying the fresh air, but most of all I’ve really grown to love the casualness of it.  You can run from the beach to dinner with little more than a swipe of mascara if you so choose, being barefoot (or throwing on slip-on sandals) is favored to complicated footwear, and even leaving the house with a wet head of hair is perfectly acceptable, even on date nights.

{H&M top; Loft culottes; Betula Licensed by Birkenstock sandals from Kohl’s; misc. sunglasses from eBay; J. Crew necklace}

summercasual_1 summercasual_2 summercasual_3

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