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Venice Flower


I’ve had a fondness for floral crowns for as far back as I can remember.  As a little girl I used to sit in the grass tying little white clovers together to wear in my hair, and the whimsically romantic accessory has stuck with me ever since.  I’ve tried many of the store-bought varieties over the years, but they never lay right in my hair and my homemade styles (put together with faux buds) never turn out quite as nice.  I snatched this one from H&M, ignoring the bf’s questioning stare, and deemed it the perfect add-on for an afternoon event in Los Angeles, followed by a stroll along Venice Beach.

veniceflower_2 veniceflower_3 veniceflower_4 veniceflower_5 veniceflower_6 veniceflower_7{Kimchi Blue dress via Urban Outfitters (similar from Asos); ShoeDazzle sandals; J. Crew denim jacket; H&M floral headband (similar from Urban Outfitters); vintage purse and bracelet; Ray Ban sunglasses}

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