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My two absolute favorite subjects growing up were consistently english and science.  I’ve always loved exploring stories, breaking them down, and reworking them, which is part of the fun of shooting with Stephanie, because, with each shoot we do it’s almost as if we’re telling a story — this one was our version of the Wizard of Oz, (or as I liked to refer to it, Dorothy Does Coachella).  But as much as I loved studying literature and writing, my love for science is also deep-rooted, thanks largely in part to one of my absolute favorite high school teachers whom I had for both AP Biology and AP Genetics.  Because of her, and without getting too nerdy on you, I became fascinated with the human genome, even going as far as to briefly change my major to Biogenetics in college (a little known fact for you).  She taught me a lot, but she also always inspired me to pursue my dreams, whatever they may be.  So much so that when I ran into her towards the end of my college career and told her about my interest in working in fashion in New York City, she tried to use her connections to help me land an interview in the field.  Even though I didn’t choose a career path related to the sciences, I still am interested in the subject, and read books on various topics related to genetics and biology “just because”.  I feel lucky to have had a teacher in my life who left such an indelible impression, and who, in my eyes, exemplified what it means to be a truly great teacher.

I’m excited to be partnering with Participant Media to spread the word about the importance of great teachers.  I’d love to hear your stories about the great teachers who have impacted your lives.

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