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Learning Curve


I could be an admittedly tough kid to shop for clothes for growing up.  I was fickle with fashion and if it proved to be too over-the-top or in the wrong material, it was sure to be shunned.  For instance, I wanted those light up sneakers for MONTHS and when my mom finally gave in I wore them for the first time to a movie only to be mortified when they started lighting up mid-showing (I was sitting on the aisle), so I swore them off for good.  Or if a sweater had the slightest “itch” to it (there’s nothing worse than an itchy sweater), it would sit in the back of my closet untouched, tags still attached. You live and you learn though, and when my mom popped over with this surprise purchase the other day, it was a much appreciated treat.  The simple, grey color and no-fuss silhouette make it one of those easy to throw on pieces, and prove my mom has gotten much better at figuring out how to shop for me over the years — stick with the classics and be weary of wool.

learningcurve_2 learningcurve_3 learningcurve_4 learningcurve_5 learningcurve_6{A.N.A. for JC Penny dress; Old Navy neon belt (similar from Target and J. Crew); H&M necklace (similar from Asos or Asos); Just Fabulous sandals; eBay sunglasses}

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