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Ankle Cuffs


My summer accessory of choice growing up was stacks of those little silver bell anklets you could buy on the boardwalk that jingled with every step.  They’d always be tarnished and falling apart by the time school started again due to constant wear but it didn’t matter because they’d be replaced the following summer.  They were my go-to, yet I don’t think I’ve slipped on an anklet in years — until now of course.  These beaded ankle cuffs are the grown-up version of my favorite grade-school summer trend.  They may not jingle wherever I go, but I love the way they instantly transform any pair of shoes into eye-catching footwear.

anklecuffs_2 anklecuffs_3 anklecuffs_4 anklecuffs_5 anklecuffs_6{Asos ankle cuffs; J. Crew sundress; Just Fabulous heels; Lia Sophia bracelet; France Luxe bobby pins; eBay sunglasses}

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