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You know when you push it one too many days between shampoos and you’re forced to accept it’s a ponytail/up-do kind of day?  I had one of those days this weekend.  The only real problem was that I really wanted to wear this hat that conveniently matches my new wedges and normally, I stay far away from donning my hats with anything but flowing hair for fear of looking boyish.  I threw caution to the wind (I know, I’m so wild), and decided to embrace the nod to my androgynous side; if you can even call it that when you’ve got a neck-full of sparkle.

shady_2 shady_3 shady_4{J. Crew tee and necklace; Ports 1961skirt via Gilt; ℅ Just Fabulous Majorca wedges; Forever 21 hat}

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