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New Denim


You’ve seen me wax poetic about my difficulty with denim in the past, from finding the right fit to figuring out the best fabric, a pair that flatters with just the right amount of stretch.  I’ve tried boyfriend jeans that are too baggy and skinny jeans that have no give or way too much.  In other words, it’s no easy task to find a great pair of jeans. This is only made harder since I’ve been on a hunt for a non-skinny pair that would still make me feel, well, skinny, which was what drew me to this pair of wide leg, trouser jeans from NYDJ that have a slightly boho, seventies appeal. I’m loving the idea of billowy blouses and fur vests paired with them all season.  And they definitely get bonus points for their Lift Tuck Technology®* and the fact that they make my legs look ridiculously long.  What girl doesn’t want to feel a size smaller and a few inches taller all thanks to a great slimming pair of jeans

*They actually suggest that you order down a size smaller than what you would normally wear thanks to this “Lift Tuck Technology®” which had me a little hesitant at first.  I’ve ordered down a size before based on a website’s suggestion and felt like a stuffed sausage, and ordering jeans online always feels like a gamble because I like to know how the fabric will feel and move with me — if I can’t comfortably sit down and get back up and walk around, that’s a pretty big deal breaker.  That said, I followed directions and went with a smaller size and I couldn’t have been happier that I did.  They weren’t too tight, I can still move and breath, and they didn’t get baggy within 10 minutes of wear because of the stretch (another pet peeve I have with certain pairs of jeans).  I’m actually so happy with them that now I’m kind of thinking I need to add a pair of the skinny fit to my closet too.  I won’t go as far as to say I’m going to forgo my love of dresses and skirts for denim now, but I am loving that I’m not hating the idea of putting on jeans.

newdenim_2 newdenim_3 newdenim_4 newdenim_5 newdenim_6{NYDJ denim; Karen Kane top; Sunglass Warehouse sunglasses; Gentle Fawn scarf; Just Fabulous heels}

Although this post is sponsored, I purchased these jeans on my own and the thoughts above are entirely mine.

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