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Colorful Comeback


In grade school, you’d be hard pressed not to find me with a shirt tied around my waist.  It was cool, it was trendy, and let’s face it, it was pretty darn practical.  It was also the 90s, and I’m well aware that not all of my 90s childhood fashion choices should make a comeback (I shuddered a little just thinking about some of my favorite outfits),  but this is one that I haven’t quite turned my back on.  Heck, I also wore it not all that long ago here.

colorfulcomeback_2 colorfulcomeback_3 colorfulcomeback_4 colorfulcomeback_5{J. Crew chambray shirt; Gap sweater; Target skirt (similar from Asos); ShoeMint heels; H&M earrings (similar from Forever 21); Ray Ban sunglasses}

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