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I took a bit of an extended holiday break from blogging, not because I wasn’t getting dressed up still (someone actually said to me, “So you really do get dressed up like this in your normal life?!“), or because I haven’t missed it, I’ve missed the daily blogging routine much more than I thought I would, but because I simply needed to allow myself to step away from it without feeling guilty; which happens to be one of my resolutions.  Raving Fashionista has become an outlet for me to draw inspiration from my own wardrobe, and hopefully inspire you to do to the same with your own, and ideally I aim to continue to have it be such a source in 2013.  I want to share a little more with you, explore more outfit ideas for specific occasions with What to Wear Wednesdays, and most importantly, encourage you to always have fun with your personal style.  What I don’t want is for it to ever feel like a chore or for it to become a burden that takes me away from spending time enjoying the people and things around me.  This was the first year that I really wrote down some resolutions that I would like to follow through with to help achieve a better balance between work and play.

resolutionscoat_2coat_3coat_4coat_5coat_6{H&M sweater; Halogen skirt via Nordstrom Rack (similar from JC Penney); Tinley Road coat via Piperlime; Payless booties (similar from Just Fabulous); TNA hat via Artizia (previously worn here); Ray Ban sunglasses}

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