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Borrowed from the Boy

{Stephanie B Photography}

I’ve been feeling uninspired by my wardrobe recently.  It feels as though I’m constantly reaching for the same pieces, in a slight of a wardrobe rut.  With the holiday’s quickly approaching, personal purchases need to be made wisely, and shopping in an “I have nothing to wear” state of mind can often lead to buyer’s remorse later on.  Lucky for me, the bf recently made a closet purge which gave me an excuse to dig through the discards and play around with my masculine side.  I found that tucking up the extra-long sleeves rather than rolling them, gave it a softer look.  Just because it’s menswear, doesn’t mean it can’t still be a little bit feminine.

{Fossil shirt (borrowed); H&M pants; Aldo Lanclos heels; Target leopard belt; vintage bracelet}

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