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Rule Breaker

Designer Wolfgang Joop said it best, “Fashion is about suspense and surprise and fantasy.  It’s not about rules.”  I personally don’t adhere to many fashion rules.  Even the two I’d set for myself I’ve managed to find a loophole for; those “rules” being no sweatpants in public, and no heels at sporting events.  I decided months ago that some sweatpants can translate outside the house or gym (see here), when the fit and fabric is right and there are no words down the leg or across the bum, so breaking that rule was relatively easy.  And the balance of sweats and heels felt just right, dressed up for a date night, without feeling like I was over-done for beers at a baseball game, so there went my second “rule” right out the window.  Any other fashion rules you’d care to share.. or break?

{American Eagle Aerie pants (similar); Aldo heels (similar);Victoria’s Secret t-shirt; JewelMint “rodeo drive” bracelet; BCBG “love” bracelet; misc. friendship bracelets; Ray Ban sunglasses; Poppie Jones purse via Nordstrom Rack}

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