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Sweater Weather

I’ve finally figured out what I want/need this holiday season (mom) — lots of cozy knits.  In the past I’ve kind of been an “anti-sweater” girl, opting for over-sized cardigans while shunning traditional knit pullovers.  I can’t really explain why or when exactly I started shying away from knitwear, all I know is this year I’m having a love affair with them now.  I’ve wised up and I am now embracing that winter is very much sweater weather so I’m officially putting more soft, snug garments at the very top of my list.

{Gap sweater (actually the bf’s old sweater rolled up and tucked under for a cropped effect); H&M dress and shiny leggings; Aldo heels; 80s Purple sunglasses; Gemma Redux necklace; misc. ring and earrings}

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