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Brilliantly Bright

I don’t know if being a child of the 80s is to blame, but I’ve always had a serious love for neon.  I’ve even gone as far as hoarding cans of fluorescent spray paints for various little d.i.y. projects I just haven’t found the time for yet, so obviously a sweater in a vibrantly vivid shade of pink would be a wardrobe must-have.  The brilliantly bright top only further proved it’s worth when paired with a more formal favorite.  The hot pink pop gave a fresh twist to the mute coloring in this maxi dress, making for some very fun weekend wear.

{Forever 21 sweater; H&M dress and earrings; Guess booties; Lia Sophia bracelet; Ray Ban aviator sunglasses; vintage purse; misc. socks}

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