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Layer of Lace

All the elements of this outfit felt particularly soft and romantic, which was exactly the look I was aiming for yesterday.  The lace collar was actually a d.i.y. project I threw together a couple months ago, and I’m surprised to admit that this was my first time wearing it.  It was extremely easy to make, requiring little to no sewing skills, just 10 minutes and a little patience.  I carefully removed the lace collar in its entirety from a vintage dress using a seam ripper.  Repairing any noticeable imperfections, like slight tears in the lace, using a needle and thread I wasn’t overly concerned with a flawless finish, simply in an effort to prevent any further rips or holes.  The final step was to attach a hook and eye clasp — et voila!  A collar made of vintage lace for whenever you want to add an extra touch of girlie.

{d.i.y. vintage lace collar; Forever 21 sweater; H&M dress (also seen here); Aldo wedges; vintage pearl necklace and purse}

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