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Good Fit

As much as I love the look of those floppy brimmed felt hats that seem to effortlessly channel a 70s-era vibe, I can’t seem to pull them off.  I’ve tried several styles, colors, and brim sizes, but I always look more ridiculous than retro-chic.  Over the weekend I stopped into a Joyce Leslie to scour their clearance section for fabric for my Sally Halloween costume, and eyed this straw topper marked 75% off of its original $6.99 price tag; a deal too good to resist.  The ruby red straw material is not only year-round appropriate, but it also offers a bit more structure, which seems to better flatters my face shape, achieving the desired look without the unflattering results.

{Joyce Leslie straw hat; Behnaz Sarafpour for Target ruffled button down; H&M wide-leg denim; Steve Madden booties; Michael Kors watch; thrifted DKNY leather messenger bag; misc. belt}

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