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Things have been kind of, hectic, lately, but shopping is one thing a girl can always make time for. Especially when it comes to a sale, so of course when Macy’s Backstage reached out to let me know about their new Macy’s Backstage opening at one of my favorite local shopping destinations, Willow Grove Park Mall, I mean a girl makes the time. During my visit, I picked up home goods, gym gear, a fun new accessory, something for him, and a little something for the pup too. Here are four tips for making the most of a great sale store.

1. Keep an eye out for dupes of pieces you’ve already loved/had your eye on.
Last summer I picked up this Zara bag, but sadly it did not make it to a second summer so when I found a near identical duplicate for half the price I knew I couldn’t say no, especially since basket bags have been high on my radar lately.

2. Find deals on things you actually need.
It’s so easy to buy frivolous things when the prices are so good and then come home realizing that what you really needed to buy was new socks. For me, I needed new gym gear, so I took the opportunity to find great deals on cute sports bras, shorts, and tops for working out.

3. Give your home an update.
Small decor changes can give a room a whole new look, but they add up so they tend to get overlooked. We don’t currently have the budget to renovate our bathroom – something that has been on our radar for years, but a few new bath mats and towels give it the mini-facelift we can currently afford.

4. Spoil the ones you love!
The best part about shopping at outlet stores like Macy’s Backstage? You can get everything you really need and still have money left over to treat your loved ones. I got my guy some new shirts and my furry little friend some new toys on top of the home decor, gym clothes and new bag for me and still stayed within my $100 budget! Needless to say, we were all very happy with our new deal finds.

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