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Spoiling Mom

Mother’s Day is right around the corner, and if your mom is anything like mine, I’m sure you want to spoil her.  After all, she’s done so much for you over the years and she deserves it!  Unfortunately, our budgets don’t always allow us to pamper mom in the lavish way we’d like to, but that’s where Macy’s Backstage comes in to save the day.

I’ve shared before some of the great finds I’ve scored from Macy’s Backstage (my go-to locations for the best goodies are the Willow Grove and Cherry Hill Malls), so I already knew it was a perfect spot for putting together the ultimate Mother’s Day gift.  Since Macy’s Backstage has several departments, divided up a lot like the main Macy’s store, including shoes, home goods, men and women’s clothing, bags and accessories, and children’s section, I initially did a lap to narrow down my gift’s theme.  This was tough with so many great finds, everything from beach gear, pretty picture frames and decor, cocktail kits and coffee gear,  but I ultimately was left deciding between a fun, fashionable spring look, an indulgently relaxing care package for unwinding after a long day, or basket full of items to make meal prepping a breeze.  Since I know life can be stressful and it’s hard for moms to find time for themselves, I opted to put together the pampering care package of treats.

First, I made a bee-line for their at-home spa section where I found the perfect “Beauty Sleep” face mask ($.98), moonlight glow eye masks ($2.99), and an aromatherapy bath soak ($2.98).

In the same area I found a pack of cozy socks infused with aloe to moisturize tired feet ($4.99), and a satin pillowcase ($5.99), which is supposed to be amazing for your hair and skin, at a fraction of the price of similar styles I’d been eyeing up at other department stores.

From there I headed over to the home goods area where I spotted the prettiest candle ($3.98) and there happened to be the perfect thing to put everything in for gifting, but also a beautiful storage box ($3.98) for around the house.

All that was left was to find cute sleepwear and I ended up finding the softest pair of pajamas ($16.99) ever and I may or may not have also grabbed a matching set for myself.

Near their checkout lines, you can often find some really tasty snacks, and I spotted this decadent milk chocolate macadamia nut popcorn from Harry & David ($5.99).  The packaging complimented the rest of my finds, which was an added benefit and sealed the deal that I could not walk out without it.

Besides, how amazing does it sound to have a nice, relaxing at home spa night, and cap off your evening in comfortable pjs and a delicious bedtime snack?  Not to mention all of this ringing in at under $50 means mom can be properly spoiled and she can brag about how she taught you a thing or two about maintaining a budget.

Macy’s Backstage was generous enough to provide me with a gift card to help put together an awesome gift for mom, and they’re giving one away to you too!  To qualify to win a $100 Macy’s Backstage gift card, head over to my Instagram, give me a follow, and leave a comment letting me know you did.  I’ll be announcing the winner as a Mother’s Day gift to you, May 12.  Good luck!