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Summer Bucket List

Holy macaroni, next week is July!  I don’t even know how that happened, probably because our little week-long festivaling made time fly, but still, it’s the perfect reality check/reminder that I need to get on my summer to-do list.

Play mini golf – I’m admittedly awful at a round of putt-putt but hey, it’s all in good fun, and it’s one of those activities that screams summer to me.

Take a beach day trip – We’ve always grown up so close to the shore that it’s easy to take it for granted.  Especially because working from home you tend to feel guilty spending a weekday afternoon playing “hooky” while thinking about everything you should be doing.  I’m making it a priority to get at least one… or two… or a few, beach days on the calendar.

Get back on my bike – Our town has a bike share program that allows you to essentially rent the bike of your choice for the year.  (Mine was a beach cruiser complete with a basket, the bike I’d had my eye on buying anyway — score!)  Last summer we rode our bikes almost daily, but with my injury/surgery we haven’t even taken them out of the garage…yet.  I started physical therapy yesterday and told my doctor my big goal is to ride my bike before the end of summer.

Finish our backyard

Paint the third floor

Get a second tap for the keg

Play Scrabble under the stars

  Have a yard sale

Try making homemade bread

Tie-dye something to wear this summer

Send snail mail to a friend

  Make homemade pickles


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