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Balanced Poncho

Yesterday was one of those kinds of hectic days that involved a lot of running around, being inside and outside throughout the day.  On those sort of days, unless it’s bitterly cold, I try to avoid a traditional coat so I don’t have to worry about being overheated or carrying it around.  However, February’s weather is still too cold to go completely coat-free so instead I had to find another option.  I love the idea of ponchos, but sometimes they’re not that simple to pull off.  I decided to try to pair an oldie but goodie with a scarf in a similar color palette but contrasting pattern and a simple black dress.  It turns out that was all I needed to find a balance and stay warm and jacket-free.

{J. Crew boots; Asos poncho; Ray Ban sunglasses; Marlyn Schiff bracelets and necklace; c/o Miriam Merenfeld necklace; Loft dress; Catbird rings; H&M tights; c/o Free Endearment scarf; misc. friendship braceletes}

balancedponcho_1 balancedponcho_2 balancedponcho_3

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