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Summer Book Club

I’ve basically spent this entire week under the covers, but that’s okay because most of the time it was rainy anyway so the timing worked out fairly well.  Admittedly, I haven’t really been reading, or doing much of anything for that matter (seriously, pain meds have kept me pretty zonked out), but the weekend’s right around the corner and in case Monday’s books didn’t strike your fancy here’s two more beach bag reads that might be perfect for you — or even your other half.  #rfbookclub

Constant Fear (Daniel Palmer)

My guy isn’t a big reader, but when I finished this book I told him it was one he’d probably be into.  There’s a drug cartel, a baseball player, and doomsday prepping.  Not exactly your typical chic-lit, but might be a book that’s right up your man’s alley.

Leaving Time (Jodi Picoult)

This one is for those with a soft spot for animals.  You might shed a few tears and the ending may just surprise you, but no matter what you’ll definitely feel a lot of feelings while reading this story about a daughter trying to track down her mom.

{c/o glasses}