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Holiday Survival


It feels like this season has been more jam-packed than ever before.  Early mornings and late nights, dinner parties, and running around have meant there’s been a lot of coffees, red wine, and sore feet lately.  One of my favorite secret weapons for surviving the long days lately have been these little flats that fold up to perfectly fit in my purse — hello, feet savers!  Plus ballet flats are just the thing for spontaneous holiday dance parties.


Another secret weapon I have up my sleeve this season?  I’ve also been relying on the NovaWhite teeth whitening gel to keep my smile bright between lattes and merlots, and I’m sharing an exclusive discount code with all of you.  Use code rf15 for 15% off.

secretweapons_3 secretweapons_4 secretweapons_5{℅ Linge flats; H&M top (similar styles below); Talula dress from Artizia; American Eagle hat; misc. sunglasses from eBay; Just Fabulous heels}

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