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Sneak Style


I used to be such an anti-sneakers girl.  I’ve had the same grey pair of New Balances since college and kid you not, they still look brand new, that’s how little they’ve been worn.  And while these high tops aren’t new (they’ve made appearances back in February and July), I think they’ll definitely be getting a lot more love this fall.  Especially since I keep coming across these 90s-esque dresses at the Cherry Hill Mall that feel like they were made to pair with playful rubber soles.  See what other looks I have in store that work with that old pair of Converse this Saturday, September 13, during Fashion Bash.

sneakstyle_2 sneakstyle_3 sneakstyle_4 sneakstyle_5 sneakstyle_6{Gap dress; Comme des Garçons for Converse sneakers; J. Crew cuff; Tommy Hilfiger sunglasses from Nordstrom Rack; H&M midi rings; Catbird rings}

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