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Ugly Shoes


Okay guys, I did it, I’ve dived head first into the whole ugly shoe thing.  Well, sort of, I mean, they’re not Birkenstocks or Tevas but they’re still Birkenstock-like.  I spotted this pair of sandals at the start of summer and just couldn’t shake them from my brain.  I went back to the store a few times to try them on and stalked them online, before I finally couldn’t take it anymore and had to make them mine.  They’re comfortable, for sure, and I love that they’re all black, unlike your usual Birkenstocks, and maybe they’re not my prettiest pair of shoes, but I don’t care, I kinda dig them.

normcore_2 normcore_3 normcore_4 normcore_5 normcore_6{J. Crew skirt; Steve Madden sandals; Abaday shirt; misc. bracelet; Kate Spade Saturday and Catbird rings; Tommy Hilfiger sunglasses from Nordstrom Rack; Asos earrings}

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