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Skeletal Style


Happy Halloween guys and ghouls!  (Sorry, I couldn’t resist.)  I love Halloween, like really love it.  I decorate the day the calendar says October 1st, we try to watch spooky movies and shows everyday leading up to the 31st, and I basically binge on candy and pumpkins all month long.  Some people find it odd that this one is my favorite holiday, but to me it makes perfect sense.  I essentially play dress-up in my closet 365 days of the year, so having one (or a few if I’m lucky) days in October to truly take my love for dressing up to a whole new level puts me on cloud nine.  Since Stephanie was home from California for a few short days we jumped at the chance to thoroughly get into the festive spirit and I tried my hand at some skeletal make-up (and crazy, wild hair).  I don’t normally go for a such a creepy costume, but I figured, why not!  I watched this tutorial, and modified it slightly, opting to use a dark brown eyeshadow, a brown eyeliner crayon, and a little white highlighting eyeshadow to create the entire look.  I have to say it was much more pleasant to wear than traditional Halloween makeup and it stayed on better too.

skeletalstyle_2 skeletalstyle_3 skeletalstyle_4 skeletalstyle_5{℅ Karen Kane dress (similar from Karen Kane); J. Crew cuff (similar from Lemon Stripes); Newport News boots (old, similar from Forever 21)}

Photos by Stephanie B Photo

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