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Changing Style


Personal style is definitely an ever evolving beast.  While the core elements have stayed the same (my love for floaty, feminine pieces that err on the side of bohemian), my preferences in the details change with time.  I picked up this floral piece while working in New York after college and had no qualms with wearing it solo — or paired with a long cardigan and high socks since that was kind of my thing then, don’t judge.  Now though, I put it on and feel overexposed.  It’s not that it’s that short, but I definitely prefer adding a little extra length these days, styling it with an embroidered skirt peeking out underneath.

changingstyle_2changingstyle_3changingstyle_4changingstyle_5changingstyle_6{Free people tunic dress (similar from Free People); Forever 21 skirt; Just Fabulous wedges; Ray Ban sunglasses; H&M necklace}

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