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Santa Monica


This may have been the longest blogging hiatus I’ve taken, and it wasn’t exactly planned.  I’d actually expected to keep up with regular posting, but with only one day between getting back from Tennessee and then heading to California, I wound up deciding to allow myself a blog-free vacation without feeling guilty, soaking in every minute of a great two weeks spent with family, meeting and reconnecting with fellow bloggers, and then just driving along the California coast and unwinding with the bf.  I’d be lying if I said it wasn’t a little hard coming home and diving back into the swing of things, but at least I have a few posts worth of California outfits to serve as a reminder of our travels.  We spent one of our afternoons playing on the Santa Monica pier before kicking off our sandals and strolling along the sand, and this combo — mint sunglasses, a knotted tee and a lace pencil skirt,  was just the right casually cool outfit for the putting.

santamonica_2 santamonica_3 santamonica_4 santamonica_5 santamonica_6{Target t-shirt; H&M lace skirt (similar from Asos) and sandals; J. Crew necklace; Ray Ban sunglasses; vintage bracelet and bag}

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