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Proportion Play


Yesterday we made a stop out to pick out wood (we go here) to get us one step closer to wrapping up our kitchen renovations.  I decided to reach for an old pair of boyfriend jeans, because, really, what else do you wear to go peruse piles of wood, and a new poncho (a “just because” gift from my step dad who loves a good Jill’s Deal) over a barely belly baring top.  And since oversized layers are best balanced with a great heel, I got in a little pop of color with a bold blue pair; maybe not the most practical shoe choice, but what’s the fun in being practical?

proportionplay_2 proportionplay_3 proportionplay_4 proportionplay_5{Brochu Walker poncho; Just Fabulous heels; Lush top from Nordstrom; old Kitson boyfriend jeans; eBay sunglasses; ℅ Emitations ring}


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