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Byer Box

I’ve never been a big fan of traditional suiting, but I get that in a lot of fields it’s a necessity, especially when you’re first entering the interviewing game.  I remember when my mom took me to pick out my first suit and I was insistent on an option that wouldn’t look too stuffy.  In the end, we picked out a skirt/wide-legged pant/blazer combination (so I could mix it up a bit) and a bright, canary yellow button-down blouse; traditional, yet not.  While I was in the interviewing process I loved having pieces I could mix and match, which is why I loved the idea of the Byer Basics Box.  It’s perfect for someone just entering the workforce (or someone already in it), since it’s not only crazy budget-friendly, but also gives you all the key pieces you need to keep it conservative, while offering the option to mix things up.  I paired the blazer and pencil skirt with a t-shirt, studded boots and a chunky necklace for a look I can feel like myself in, while still being meeting ready — a perk of working in a creative field.

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{ Byer Basics Box blazer and skirt; J. Crew tee; Asos necklace; Just Fabulous booties; H&M tights; Ray Ban sunglasses}

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