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Sparkle Pants


Last night a glitter dusted, pink poinsettia showed up on our doorstep with no clear sign of who it was from (thank you so very much, whoever you are).  Our first inclination is that it was a sweet gesture from one of our new neighbors, which led me to ask the bf, “But how would they know I’d like one with sparkle?”  He just looked at me and then down at my sequin-covered pants that I wore yesterday to do things like go to the dentist.  Yea, I guess it’s no secret I’m a glitter girl.

sparklepants_2 sparklepants_3 sparklepants_4 sparklepants_5 sparklepants_6{Chandi & Lia sequin pants from Urban Outfitters; Everlane tee; ℅ Just Fabulous Monroe heels; J. Crew cuff; Ray Ban sunglasses}


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