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Battle Gear


It’s no secret, I enjoy shopping.  I find it can be inspiring and almost therapeutic at times.  I also love a great deal, and get excited when I find a really good sale.  However, I try to avoid Black Friday shopping like the plague.  The horror stories, the lines, the chaos and mayhem are all enough to make me want to hold out for Cyber Monday when I can shop from the safety of my home; in my pjs if possible.  That said, if I were to risk life and limb to head out shopping today, I’d opt for a uniform like this one.

1. Jeans to discourage me from shopping for myself, since I have a strong aversion to pulling off and on a pair of denim and thus would be less tempted to hit the fitting rooms.

2. Layers since no two stores are set at the same temperature and I want to be comfortable if I’m rummaging through sale racks.

3. Boots with a slight heels to offer stylish support for running around.

4. A small little purse with a cross-body strap that fits just the necessities since my arms will ultimately become weighed down with bags of purchases.

Essentially, this would be my Black Friday battle gear.

battlegear_2 battlegear_3 battlegear_4 battlegear_5{Asos jacket (similar from Forever 21); ℅  Qi scarf; J. Crew tee and jeans; Steve Madden boots; Ray Ban sunglasses; ℅ D’andrea purse}


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