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I consider myself extremely low maintenance when it comes to my hair.  I have (more than) a drawer full of products I’ve accumulated over the years that rarely, if ever, get used, curling irons in various sizes, waving irons and even a crimper that come out on those random occasions, but generally speaking, a conditioning mask is about as fancy as I get with my hair.  So when my flat-iron broke a couple of weeks back, I didn’t realize just how much I actually rely on it to smooth out my uncooperative ends, and as hard as I’ve tried to patiently blow out my hair “properly” — instead of my usually hair flip and dry, I’ve had to get creative.  I don’t wear my hair up all that often, but crown braid was way too easy not to recreate* more regularly.

*Tutorial coming.

crowned_2 crowned_3 crowned_4 crowned_5{J. Crew skirt and buffalo check top; Just Fabulous boots; H&M earrings; Ray Ban sunglasses; Target tank; vintage ring; Michael Kors watch; JC Penney tights}

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