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Pumped Up Kicks


I consider myself a fairly adventurous dresser.  I have no qualms mixing prints and colors, I’ll happily flutter around town in a tutu on a Tuesday afternoon, and sequins during the day are always a “do” in my book.  The wedge sneaker trend is one I went back and forth about for some time though.  Basically I loved how “cool” they looked on other girls, but as a self-admitted girlie-girl, sneakers of any kind aren’t generally my thing.  Nevertheless, late one night a couple of weeks back, these wound up in my cart and before I knew it, I was the owner of a pair of wedge sneakers.  They’re a little out of my comfort zone, but I’m keeping them because even if they only wind up being worn a handful of times, they didn’t break the bank and they’re pretty fun (not to mention comfortable) to wear.

pumpedupkicks_2pumpedupkicks_3{Gap sweater; Just Fabulous metallic denim and wedge sneakers; H&M earrings}

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