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Niagara Birthday

I’d had another sparkly post lined up for today to mark the finale of my birthday “week,” but I decided it was only fitting to share a few snapshots of my amazing birthday adventure in Niagara Falls.  We took advantage of taking a bit of a break from snapping photos, instead focusing on taking in everything around us, but my overall “style” all week consisted of lots of layers, and my favorite vintage coat.  This was my first time visiting the Falls and the entire experience was nothing short of spectacular. ((*Warning: I give the thumbs up a lot.))

{Riding the Sky Wheel}{Ice Skating on the Brink of the Falls//Gap pants and scarf; J. Crew turtleneck and top; vintage coat}{Touring behind the Falls in our souvenir hats}{The incredible view from our room; this photo doesn’t even do it justice}{We’re still not 100% sure why there were dinosaurs on display..}{/℅ Karen Kane pants; Gap sweater and scarf; J. Crew turtleneck and necklace; Timberland boots (similar); vintage coat and purse; Ray Ban sunglasses}

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