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Toughened Tulle

I have a minor obsession with tulle.  So much so that I went ahead and decided to make a Pinterest board dedicated to it.  Maybe it stems with some deep desire to be a ballerina — which may also explain my fixation with shoes that force me to walk around on my tiptoes.  Either way, ballerinas (and brides*) shouldn’t get to have all the fun, and I dare you not to have fun when you spend the day running around in a tutu-inspired outfit.  There’s something so completely feminine and romantic about a tutu; even when paired with a tough leather jacket.

{The Limited *wedding dress (found on sale for $30!**); Forever 21 faux leather jacket; ShoeMint heels; Ray Ban sunglasses; misc. tights and rings}

**The Limited discontinued their bridal line so I was lucky to scoop this dress up on serious sale.

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