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Next Big Thing

I need your help.  If you follow Raving Fashionista on Facebook and Twitter you may have already noticed that Refinery29 is hosting a contest to find The Next Big Style Blogger and I’ve thrown my hat into the ring.  That’s where you come in.  If you could take a moment to cast a vote for me to be The Next Big Style Blogger, I’d really appreciate it.

To vote for Raving Fashionista, head over to Refinery29’s Style Blogger Page and click the “Popular Contestants” tab.

Scroll down to find this photo of me, and click the heart (♥) in the right hand corner.  You’ll be asked to log in through Facebook in order to vote; don’t worry, nothing will post to your wall and you won’t be signed up for anything — promise!

Once you’re logged in, click the heart (♥) again so that it turns from grey to pink and the number count goes up. (If the heart isn’t pink, click it once more so it does.)  And that’s it!


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