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Red Clash

When I was a little girl I had a head full of fiery red ringlets.  Over time my hair naturally lightened to a strawberry blonde hue, leaving only traces of auburn tones, but even so, I’ve always considered myself more a red head than a blonde.  It’s for that reason that I spent years shying away from oranges, yellows and reds when it came to clothing, under the assumption that those shades “clashed” with my hair.  But fashion rules were made to be broken, and I’ve since learned you should trust your own instincts and the only color you shouldn’t wear, is one you don’t feel good in.

{Gap neon orange tee; Forever 21 skirt and jacket; American Apparel wide belt; Bakers booties; Gemma Redux necklace; 80s Purple sunglasses; misc. ring, earrings and tights}

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