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Easy Retro

I’ve never been the type of person who can read to fall asleep.  Instead I find myself thinking, “One more chapter and then I’ll turn in for the night.”  Case in point, I started reading the Hunger Games Wednesday night before bed, but before I knew it, the sun had come up and I had realized I stayed up all night finishing the entire first book.  Apparently I had underestimated the reviews I’d heard about how addictive the books are, and spent the remainder of yesterday fighting the urge not to dive into book two, knowing there was strong potential that I would end up loosing the entire day to the trilogy, and instead focused on pulling myself together and focusing on work.  Despite lack of sleep, I still managed to be fairly successful thanks in part to a bit of hair teasing, a full blood-orange skirt and floral mary janes combining to create a flirty little retro look.

{H&M sweater and skirt; Forever 21 heels; misc. earrings, rings and tights}

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