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Some weekends are perfectly spent lounging in comfortable clothes.  This was one of those weekend, and I was content staying put on the couch watching the entire first season of Homeland with the bf.  Truth be told, I didn’t have much choice since staying put was part of my doctors orders after a not so graceful tumble down the stairs (in case you’re keeping count, yes this was my second fall down our stairs so we’ll be getting carpeting installed this week).  Regardless, I was still happy to stay out of the bitter cold, keeping bundled up and cozy by the fire.  With it finally starting to feel like winter outside, the few minutes spent outside taking these photos were more than enough for me.

{Karen Kane knit cape; Gap Body long sleeve tee; Gap belt; Jessica Simpson corduroy pants; Target boots; Forever 21 cuff; misc. glasses and earrings}

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