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Pajama Party

I don’t think I’ve been to a pajama party since middle school, so when I was invited to participate in a cookie exchange with a PJ dress code I was excited for the excuse to spend a day in some sleek sleepwear.  I picked this pair up from Target this weekend (for 40% off) and of course I couldn’t resist accessorizing with some sparkling slippers and an extra long strand of vintage pearls.  It was the perfect attire for sitting around sipping mimosas and enjoying cookies and brunch with some fabulous ladies.

{Gilligan & O’Malley for Target pajama set and gilligan by Gilligan & O’Malley for Target ballet slippers; vintage pearls; misc. earrings and sunglasses}

I made these Florentine cookies for the cookie exchange using this recipe from Real Simple; they were fairly easy, looked unbelievably fancy and are decadently delicious.

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