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Golden Rule

If I had a fashion hand book, I know exactly what my number one rule would be: Don’t save your fancy pieces for special occasions only.  Maybe it’s just me, but I find nothing worse than having a gorgeous dress left to sit in the back of the closet, waiting for the occasional wedding or holiday party to be worn.  However, I also still live in reality, and I know that wearing a formal dress to sit behind a computer or for a coffee run is bound to get you some odd looks.  Luckily, a little bit of layering with a great tee can convert a dressier piece seamlessly into an everyday item.  In fact, it wasn’t until after several hours of wear that the bf asked, “Is that, like, a fancy dress,” and it was only because he realized the fabric felt, “fancy”.

{Style Mint Prince t-shirt (enjoy 50% off your first tee by using this link!); H&M dress, earrings and cuff bracelets; Jessica Simpson Dany heels}

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