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Life is a Mountain

I woke up yesterday morning with the perfect outfit in mind.  It was a little on the fancier side, but after a few days in sweats I was ready to welcome a little fancy back into my life.  Everything seemed to be going smoothly, all the pieces of my pretty Monday outfit falling into place, until I noticed the silky pleated maxi I was twirling in had a couple of unsightly wrinkles.  And so I made a fatal error; I took the steamer to it.  Lesson learned here, do not steam pleats, unless of course you’re looking to get rid of them all together.  (Suggestions are welcome on how to correct this dreadful error.)  So instead I threw something else together quickly.  Not quite the fanciful look I’d had in mind, but given the circumstances of this last-minute getup, I’d say the tee was more than fitting — “Life’s a mountain, not a beach.”

{Style Mint “Life is a Mountain..” tee; Forever 21 maxi dress and bracelet; NY&Co. purse; Nina glitter wedges; 80s Purple sunglasses; vintage leather jacket}

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