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Charming Contrasts

The bf and I ended up needing to take a trip to a scrap yard yesterday to look for car parts.  It’s actually a pretty interesting place, but I was most amazed by how nature always seems to find a way, no matter the surroundings.  Delicate yellow flowers bursting through crumbling asphalt and climbing up the sides of abandoned trucks created a natural contrast of beauty and ruggedness.  I realized later that my outfit happened to coincide with that theme with the toughness of these fringed booties and the pretty purple, pink and jewel embellishments of this shift.  Although next time I’ve got to visit a junkyard, I think maybe I’ll be leaving the heels at home.

{Simply Vera by Vera Wang for Kohl’s dress; Forever 21 booties; 80s Purple sunglasses; JewelMint New Wave ring; misc. earrings}

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