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Easing into 2018

Hey there, 2018!  I’ll be completely honest, we spent the first day of the year snuggled on the couch in our sweats, binging on Netflix under blankets and it was perfect.  It wasn’t too far off from the way we spent the last few days of December, reading, recharging, and reorganizing.  Basically, we eased into the new year the same way we eased out of the last one.  Of course, that meant yesterday was all about diving back into the real world and sorting through my neglected inbox — and who am I kidding, today will be a lot of that too, but it was so nice to put the computer and the phone down and just unplug.  I think we’ll make a priority for more of that this year, focusing on incorporating these routines:

Winding down at night with a good book, or early reading on weekend mornings.

Having marathon sessions (even if a “marathon” is just one or two episodes after dinner) of our favorite shows in the comfiest of clothes.  And for the record, Barb did deserve better.

Daily pampering, even if there aren’t 15 minutes to spare for a face mask, there’s always enough time to reach for a great lip balm or a little lotion.

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